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Dundurn, Toronto, October 18, 2014

ISBN: 9781459721401


 The tenth Inspector Green novel has been written and is in production, to be released in October 2014. In this book, Green is forced to confront the case that launched his career.


Twenty years earlier, rookie Detective Michael Green helped convict a young professor for the murder of an attractive co-ed.  The man continued to protest his innocence, and shortly after being paroled, he is found dead. Is it suicide? Revenge? Or had Green, with blind overconfidence, failed to see the greater evil lurking in the young woman’s life? 


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Contest! to win one of five signed paperback review copies of the new book! Question... Including this one, how many books are there in the Inspector Green series? Answer through personal message on Facebook, the email on this website, my email, or private tweet on Twitter @barbarafradkin. Contest closes at midnight Oct. 7, after which I draw five names from a hat!




Toronto Oct 7 at Arts and Letters Club, 7 pm; Ottawa Oct 29 at Clocktower Pub Westboro, 7 pm. Come one and all! 



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The Whisper of Legends has received numerous excellent reviews, such as The Globe and Mail, The Ottawa Citizen, and The National Post



Nominated for 2013 Arthur Ellis Award...

Evil Behind that Door, the latest Cedric O'Toole Rapid Reads novel, has been shortlisted for Best Novella by Crime Writers of Canada.